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Caroly Van Duyn

Lives & works in Durham, North Carolina,

Norwalk, Connecticut and Bluehill, Maine...


One of my greatest passions is exploring nature and all of its variations. I often take long walks in forests, or along the shore, or in surrounding neighborhoods. I also enjoy sitting in cafes and sketching human characters of all kinds.

Observation of nature and people existing and evolving around me, inspire my sculptural portraits.

Sculpting gives me dimensional, textural and painterly opportunities to share my ideas.

My initial clay structures are architectural in their design, leading to more organic manifestations. Nature also has fundamental structures adapting to environmental demands, this is a phenomenon we can observe. Trees emanate beauty and strength in their natural struggle to adapt, but it is an innate power. They are a culmination of dynamic forms, housing the living being within.

Fabric, bark, wood, branches, stone, snow and many other materials can be shaped by the human hand for function, but also carries the potential for expressive power. 

We share with nature common patterns of creating shelter and protection for living and growth, but as human beings, we also organize 

space to express ourselves and communicate. Beyond simple survival, we search for beauty. 



        MFA Purchase School of Art and Design, SUNY Purchase, NY

           BFA, SUNY College at Purchase, NY

Silvermine Guild of Artists, CT

CT Institute of Art; Computer Graphic Design


Teaching Assistantships

Alina Tensor, Sculpture, SUNY at Purchase, NY

Antonio Frasconi, SUNY at Purchase, NY

Charles Delong, Sivermine Art Guild, CT

Professional Experience

Freelance Sculptor

Sculpture Instructor



2017-2019-Privately commissioned architectural sculptures              and installations, Hillsboro, Northern CA.

2016 - "Bell Tower Pelicans" Commission, Bok Tower Gardens, FL

2016 -"Chimney Swift", "Tundra Swan" Commissions, Audubon, NC

2015 -"Gate of the Infantry Triptych" Commission for                                   National Building Museum, Washington, DC

2015 -"Featured Designer" National Building Museum

2011 - "Featured New Handmade Designer/Maker" 

           New York International Gift Show 2011

2009 - Developed Artistrystone Art & Architectural Tile, Durham NC

2006 - United Arts Council Grant, NC

2006 - "Artist in Residence", North Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ



2016 - "About the Artist" Brochure, Audubon, NC

2016 - "About the Artist" Brochure, Bok Tower Gardens, FL

2015 - "About the Artist" Brochure, National Building Museum

2015 - "Full Time Artist" Arts Business Institute, on line publication

2014 - "500 Figures in Clay" ​Lark Books

1976 - ​"Assemblage" Gerald McConnell

Solo, Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

2022 - MFA Show, PS122 Gallery, NY. NY.

2022 - MFA Show, Richard and Dolly Maas Gallery Purchase, NY.

2019 -"Passages, Boats, Bridges & Sea Life

          Navel Historic Museum, Vallejo, CA

2017 - "Arboreal Architecture", Liberty Arts Collective, Durham, NC

2017 - Anniversary Show, Bloodroot Collective, Bridgeport. CT

2016 - "Figurative Ceramic Sculpture" Claymakers, NC

2016 - Eno River Festival, NC *Best 3D Artist,

2013 - "Five Artists, Handbuilt" Claymakers, NC

2013 - Annual Juried Exhibition, Durham Art Guild, NC                                *Peoples Choice Award

2008 - "National Juried Sculpture Exhibition" New Bern, NC

           *Honorable Mention

2008 - Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, Raleigh Fine Arts Society, NC                 *Honorable Mention

2007 - Solo Show, Durham Art Guild, Durham, NC

2007 - Grand Canyon AIR group exhibition, AZ

2006 - National Sculpture Show, New Bern, NC

           *Honorable Mention

2006 - Durham Art Guild, NC *Peoples Choice Award

2006 - Solo Show, Lee Hansley Gallery Raleigh NC

2005 - "21st Annual" Juried, Women's Center, Chapel Hill, NC

2004 - "11th Annual Juried" Cary Fine Arts League, NC  

1998 - "Shields and Shells " Portside Gallery, Rowayton, CT

1998 - Two Woman, Theater Arts Institute Gallery, NYC

1997 - "Monotype Prints", Picture This Gallery, Westport CT

1996 - "Five Views", Duracell International,  CT

1994 - "Transformations, Monotypes Prints and Clay"

            Chesebrough Ponds Gallery, Westport, CT

1993 - "Guilt, Fear and Intimacy" Clapp&Tuttle Gall, Woodbury, CT

1993 - "Pool of Thoughts", Prints, Picture This Gallery, Wspt, CT

1992 - "Spiritual Journeys", Prints, Picture This Gallery, CT

1991 - "Arts Alive", Invitational, Norfield Grange, Weston, CT

1991 - "The Abstract View" Noroton Gallery, Noroton, CT

1989 - "Art of the Northeast", Silvermine Art Guild, New Canaan, CT

            *Honorable Mention

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